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About Our Services

Written Reports:

Town Planning Applications

Impact Statements

Tree Management Plans

Aerial Inspections

Tree Survey, 

Condition, Health  

Risk Assessment

Practising Arbor Services:

Tree Maintenance and Removal

Stump Removal

Specialist Services

Soil and Root Restoration 

Root Investigations

Supervised Site Demolitions/Excavations /Directional Boring

Sustainable Aquatic Solutions

Tim Michau (Senior Arborist)

Diploma Cert 5: (Arb), (Hort), (Forestry) NMIT Fairfield VIC 2012

QTRA registered 5856

VTIO: Committee Member 2016 - Current

Fully Insured Public Liability $ 20m BXLC-LIQ-2018-009917

Professional Indemnity $ 2m PPI/0/302913/20/L5

2008 - 2021: 13  of Years Operation

ABN: 29389670452

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